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Before a new tenancy begins, it is the landlord's responsibility to identify and fix any plumbing issues that exist within the property. The property must be in a safe and liveable condition when the tenant moves in. If it's not, it could lead to enforcement action from the local authority.

Your pre-tenancy plumbing checks should include:

+Taps-Check for any drips or leaks

+Sinks-Make sure water is draining properly

+Bathtubs/showers-Replace the seals if necessary and look for signs of damp

+Pipes-Check for corrosion on metal pipes

+Drains-Remove any obstructions from the gutters and drains. A pre-tenancy drain clean and inspection will provide peace of mind.

+Boilers and hot water cylinders-Check that everything is working as it should be. All gas appliances should be inspected annually by a Gas Safe engineer.

+Radiators, fittings and valves-Make sure the radiators are working properly.

+Accessibility-If one or more of your tenants is disabled, you may be required to make reasonable adjustments such as the installation of bathroom handrails. If any plumbing issues are identified before the tenant moves in, then it is your responsibility to fix them. As well as ensuring the safety and habitability of the property, this will also allow you to identify problems early before they develop into serious and more expensive issues.