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Keeping your Home Damp Free

Damp is a problem that affects millions of properties so here are our top tips for a dry and healthy home. 

There are many causes of damp so here's our quick guide on how to combat them...

1.Tackle rising damp at its source

Rising damp isn't a laughing matter, it can hit homeowners hard in the wallet and adversely affect their health. Rising damp is caused by groundwater finding its way into a property through brickwork or stonework. It can be combatted through a modern, properly maintained, damp proof course. (Make sure you get a damp proof certificate to show it has been done to a high standard. 

2. Marks on your walls

If your damp proof course is defective, the first way it will show is in 'tide marks' at the bottom of the walls. You need to pin point the source of the problem, you many need necessary building works done. You may want to get a dehumidifier to dry out the room affected. 

3. Inspect your guttering

If your guttering is defective and water streams down the side of your property, it will only be a matter of time before the water finds a way into your home. If you regularly check your guttering and deal with any problems sooner rather than later, you will minimise the occurrence of blocked drainpipes and other problems. 

4. Look out for Black Mould

Another sign you have a damp problem is black mould forming either on internal or external walls. Mould is potentially hazardous, it can attract mites and in extreme cases cause respiratory problems. To combat the problem you can get a simple mould eradication kit online. 

5. Ventilation 

When there is moisture in the air inside the property, you need to stop it from lingering by ventilating. Opening windows will often do the trick, but in some cases a ventilation fan will help. 

6. Temperature Control

Condensation is at its worst in cold weather so it is worth keeping your home reasonably warm even if nobody is in. Keeping your home at a good temperature will help when you boil the kettle or have a shower to stop the windows misting over. 

If you are struggling money wise, you should check out grants for tackling damp and related problems. Local authority grants are sometimes available for works to be done to protect properties against damp. 

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