Communication with the Tenant

Some Landlords are more open to communication with the Tenant than others.  The majority prefer to take a more passive approach and have the letting agent as the first port of call.  It must be identified early on.  A letting agent needs to know whether the tenant is permitted to have the Landlords contact details.

Are Pets Allowed?

A more common enquiry from tenants than ever before; and something that Landlords are being more receptive to are whether a not a pet will be allowed.  A letting agent must find out if the Landlord is completely closed off to the idea of pets; happy to accommodate or open to discussion.  It is important that the letting agents know about this at the outset to make it easy to deal with a tenants’ request.

Maintenance and Repairs

Throughout any tenancy, the tenant will be in touch on multiple occasions to discuss repairs, maintenance and other jobs which need carrying out.   An agreed policy between the Landlord ang Agent is essential to carry out the instructions of the Landlord.  Does the Landlord want to be asked first before any work is carried out or do they wish to be simply notified of what is going on?

Preferred Communication

In many cases, there will be times when it is important that the Landlord can be contacted quickly.  This is usually due to an urgent repair being necessary.  An agent needs to know how to reach the Landlord through their preferred method of communication.  Whether it is by text, email or phone, knowing how to contact them gives an agent a head start.

Rental Increases

New Landlords are unlikely to know all that much about how the market works, so it is important to discuss rental increases early on.  It allows the agent to set out a plan and lets them see what their investment could be worth in the future.  Knowing what they plan to do in the future enables the agent to make better strategic decisions along the way.

Written by Samantha Dinsdale


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